Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Post that never got published

This is not really photography related, but I figured it could be if you're a pet photographer....
The dreaded moment a cat/dog pees on something.... the smell is so gross! But you find yourself attached to the item, or it's brand new, or just too expensive to throw out. Whatever the reason, the item is ruined and you're mad.
Do you throw it out, maybe it's something that can be cut like a backdrop, but what if there was a way to clean it?

My cat has peed on 2 papasan cushions, & on the bed 3 times. After throwing out 1 papasan cushion, a feather down, a little mattress cover, washing blankets oodles of times. I decided I needed to do some research.

Step 1 Pre-treat the spot:
fill a spray bottle with tide, or your favourite laundry detergent, & water. (I poured about a half a cup in & filled the rest with water)
Spray the area. Alternatively, for the sheets, I soaked them in the tub with Tide.
After pre-treating, let it dry.

Step 2 Neutralize the smell:
(My nana always suggests this to me) pour a solution of vinegar & water onto the spot. (A mix of 50/50) Again, let it dry.

Step 3:
pour a a bit of baking soda to cover the area, then pour 3% hydrogen peroxide on the area (1/4 of a cup) & add a wee bit of dish detergent, or tide. Then you are going to massage the mix into the spot. I used rubber gloves, you can also use a brush or sponge, depends on the material. Let it dry.

Step 4:
Vacuum the spot as there will be caked on baking soda. Spray with Febreeze if desired. If possible put it through a cycle in the washer just to get it clean of all three baking soda & get some fabric softener to make it feel cozy soft!

Your item should be rid of the smell now! Which for a pet photographer thus would be handy! Don't want another pet to mark their territory on the spot again!!

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