Monday, April 30, 2012

Inventory & Upcoming Photoshoots

So, I just took an inventory of my gear. Scary stuff. So far I've racked up a $13,000 bill. (Although, I did include the Nikon D800 & 24-70 that are on backorder, so even though I don't have them, they are part of my future expenses.) I've been procrastinating on buying my 24-70mm lens and it's a rather silly move on my part putting it off, but it's being ordered this week (tomorrow possibly?) as I do have a few things I need it for later this month.

Right now I have 3 shoots lined up. One through Henry's to photograph the CN Cycle on the 6th of May. Another to photograph the Algonquin College Achievement Awards on May 17th. And then I will be photographing the Tae. E. Lee Taekwondo Demo Team for the 35th anniversary on May 23 & 24th!! :) I'm really looking forward these photoshoots and I'm looking forward to expanding my photography portfolio with these 3 shoots! :)

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