Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Business Start-up (Part 1) + New Self Portrait

Here's my endeavors as a business student/Photographer working on starting up my Photography business. There's so many routes out there to take, and so many people out there to help out, but it's overwhelming to figure out where to start. So, I'm going to blog about where I'm taking my business and the steps (no matter how random they may be) to get where I want to be.

Money- Savings
I knew I was passionate about Photography, but I had no idea where to start after I graduated from Photography at Algonquin. My first step was to put my savings into an account that would make some interest on it, it's a tiny amount, but it's a start. Finding the right place for your money that you're comfortable and happy with is key!

Knowledge- Business School
I was lost and needed something to help me get my business sorted out! So I'm currently taking Small and Medium Business Enterprise management. What I've taken away from this year has been: insight about myself, about my business, and about my target market. I've written a short business plan, worked on case studies, done presentations, learned about accounting, and so much more.
Finances- Loans/Grants
So, I haven't actually applied for any yet, but I've been looking into them and looking into which ones to apply for. There's a lot of options out there for starting up small businesses.

Networking - Being Positive With Potential Clients
I've always had a strong ability to network with people, I've volunteered in the community frequently, volunteered at charity events, and maintained the relationships with people. Having a positive attitude will definitely get you far in life!

Do What You Love
Although I haven't started my business, I work at a camera store. Although it's not a career, it's still something that I enjoy, and having a job that I enjoy now keeps me in a positive mind frame about my career!

Self Portrait from a Photoshoot I did this evening.

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