Monday, April 30, 2012

Inventory & Upcoming Photoshoots

So, I just took an inventory of my gear. Scary stuff. So far I've racked up a $13,000 bill. (Although, I did include the Nikon D800 & 24-70 that are on backorder, so even though I don't have them, they are part of my future expenses.) I've been procrastinating on buying my 24-70mm lens and it's a rather silly move on my part putting it off, but it's being ordered this week (tomorrow possibly?) as I do have a few things I need it for later this month.

Right now I have 3 shoots lined up. One through Henry's to photograph the CN Cycle on the 6th of May. Another to photograph the Algonquin College Achievement Awards on May 17th. And then I will be photographing the Tae. E. Lee Taekwondo Demo Team for the 35th anniversary on May 23 & 24th!! :) I'm really looking forward these photoshoots and I'm looking forward to expanding my photography portfolio with these 3 shoots! :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Splish Splash

I had the full intention of heading to the gym after accounting today, but then I got an idea for a photoshoot... and all plans to go to the gym went out the window!

I filled up the tub with water and charged my batteries while I scavenged for something neat to drop into the water. After about 15 minutes of hunting I found a little box of colourful dice in the bottom of the cupboard. I decided I was going to throw around the dice and make pretty pictures! I grabbed my tripod and my flash and set up in the bathroom. My cat was really curious as to what I was doing, luckily he stayed away as I awkwardly had my tripod set up, so it was tippy! After an hour or so the water was starting to get cold and my hand was all wrinkly and I had made a mess of water in the bathroom, it was time to end the photoshoot.

All in all I had a fun afternoon playing with water and photoshop and I'm happy with how the results turned out. Ideally, I would have had a sound trigger with me, but I don't feel like buying (or rebuilding) one.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Business Start-up (Part 1) + New Self Portrait

Here's my endeavors as a business student/Photographer working on starting up my Photography business. There's so many routes out there to take, and so many people out there to help out, but it's overwhelming to figure out where to start. So, I'm going to blog about where I'm taking my business and the steps (no matter how random they may be) to get where I want to be.

Money- Savings
I knew I was passionate about Photography, but I had no idea where to start after I graduated from Photography at Algonquin. My first step was to put my savings into an account that would make some interest on it, it's a tiny amount, but it's a start. Finding the right place for your money that you're comfortable and happy with is key!

Knowledge- Business School
I was lost and needed something to help me get my business sorted out! So I'm currently taking Small and Medium Business Enterprise management. What I've taken away from this year has been: insight about myself, about my business, and about my target market. I've written a short business plan, worked on case studies, done presentations, learned about accounting, and so much more.
Finances- Loans/Grants
So, I haven't actually applied for any yet, but I've been looking into them and looking into which ones to apply for. There's a lot of options out there for starting up small businesses.

Networking - Being Positive With Potential Clients
I've always had a strong ability to network with people, I've volunteered in the community frequently, volunteered at charity events, and maintained the relationships with people. Having a positive attitude will definitely get you far in life!

Do What You Love
Although I haven't started my business, I work at a camera store. Although it's not a career, it's still something that I enjoy, and having a job that I enjoy now keeps me in a positive mind frame about my career!

Self Portrait from a Photoshoot I did this evening.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Post that never got published

This is not really photography related, but I figured it could be if you're a pet photographer....
The dreaded moment a cat/dog pees on something.... the smell is so gross! But you find yourself attached to the item, or it's brand new, or just too expensive to throw out. Whatever the reason, the item is ruined and you're mad.
Do you throw it out, maybe it's something that can be cut like a backdrop, but what if there was a way to clean it?

My cat has peed on 2 papasan cushions, & on the bed 3 times. After throwing out 1 papasan cushion, a feather down, a little mattress cover, washing blankets oodles of times. I decided I needed to do some research.

Step 1 Pre-treat the spot:
fill a spray bottle with tide, or your favourite laundry detergent, & water. (I poured about a half a cup in & filled the rest with water)
Spray the area. Alternatively, for the sheets, I soaked them in the tub with Tide.
After pre-treating, let it dry.

Step 2 Neutralize the smell:
(My nana always suggests this to me) pour a solution of vinegar & water onto the spot. (A mix of 50/50) Again, let it dry.

Step 3:
pour a a bit of baking soda to cover the area, then pour 3% hydrogen peroxide on the area (1/4 of a cup) & add a wee bit of dish detergent, or tide. Then you are going to massage the mix into the spot. I used rubber gloves, you can also use a brush or sponge, depends on the material. Let it dry.

Step 4:
Vacuum the spot as there will be caked on baking soda. Spray with Febreeze if desired. If possible put it through a cycle in the washer just to get it clean of all three baking soda & get some fabric softener to make it feel cozy soft!

Your item should be rid of the smell now! Which for a pet photographer thus would be handy! Don't want another pet to mark their territory on the spot again!!