Monday, March 19, 2012


This weekend I had the phenomenal opportunity to be the photographer for the National Orientation Directors Association Region 7 (NODAR7) conference in Terre-Haute, Indiana. I was surrounded by student leaders from universities and colleges from Canada and the United States. I met a lot of inspiring people who shared their stories with me about how they do things at their campuses. I learned a lot about myself as a Photographer, student and class rep. This conference made me think of my role as a future student on campus and made me inspired to look into taking my class representative skills and volunteerism and expanding them.
Getting the opportunity to be a photographer was frustrating at sometimes! I got to hear little bits and pieces of the education sessions, and had to leave them to jump to the next room, when all I wanted was to just grab a seat and sit down, it really was hard. “Just 5 more minutes of photographing this session,” I’d tell myself, but being pressed for time and looking through the photographs knowing that I had the photograph I wanted, I had to move forward. I would be in a session for around 5-10 minutes and to be captivated by the topics in that small of a time frame I can only imagine the knowledge and gain that people got from sitting in on the entire session. The excitement and buzz about the sessions in the hallways between events switching up definitely confirmed this. I think that every one who attended is heading back to their campus with new insights about their student leader positions and make their campus an amazing place for students to attend.
Throughout all of this I managed to snap 1050 photographs. This was a ridiculous workload to work through on Saturday night after returning to the hotel. I definitely learned quite a bit as an event photographer and what to change for future events. It helped to have a great team that had positive words of encouragement to give me as I was going crazy. Polar bears. I felt very honored to be able to be the NODAR7 2012 official Photographer, and I owe so much thanks to Jeremy McQuigge, Joe Thomas and Lindsey Speer, Patrick Newell, Brittany Butler & numerous other people for their involvement of making NODAR7 such a success!!!
I am looking forward to heading back to campus and working on a few things. First getting things checked off my list of things to do as class representative, then the next step is figuring out how I want to step up the student leader ladder. I am inspired to get myself organized and work on a few charity events I have been wanting to do (And get my sleeping pattern back on track). I feel after this insightful weekend of learning new things and making new connections that my biggest challenge might be getting my sleep pattern back on track!
Here's the link to the slideshow
Here's the link to the photographs

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fundraising- Relay for Life/Locks of Love

I think it's great to give back to the community, in any way. I typically stick to helping out at events by taking photos of the event. This time I'm participating in the Relay for Life, I've never participated in this event before, but I am very excited about it! I'm participating in Relay for Life on March 23rd at Algonquin College.

My online fundraising goal is $300, if you wish to donate to me you can through this link

One related charity event that I have done in the past (and continue to do) is to donate my hair to be made into wigs for cancer patients. I have donated my hair 3 times before, and it's a great feeling knowing that you are able to help someone out by doing something so simple as cutting your hair!! If this is something that you feel like participating in check out this website

Thanks for reading!!