Monday, November 21, 2011

Time flies when you're having fun!

It's almost the end of November... wait, what?! Where has the semester gone?! It's that time of year; final projects, exams, tests, presentations, insanity, etc. For some reason, I am pretty relaxed about this. Usually, this time of year is supposed to entitle students to a riduculous amount of stress and anxiety, but not for this student! Surprisingly, I've kept on top of all my school work in this program (to any of my high school peers or Photography classmates, I know, this is a huge shock!) But seriously, I have been very motivated about business and I have kept on top of all my assignments and I'm going into the end of the semester feeling relaxed... I hope that my calm cool and collective perspective doesn't come around and bite me in the ass in a couple of weeks.

I volunteered at a retirement home over the weekend, it was a wonderful experience to give back to the community, I strongly recommend to anyone reading this: Get out and do some volunteer work in your community. I painted hallways at a retirement home with Y2G (Year To Give). My grandmother is volunteering for the city of Ottawa by cleaning up graffiti around the neighbourhood she lives in. So for anyone that says they can't volunteer, you can, my nana is 74, takes taekwondo and volunteers on a weekly basis.

On a Photography note: I've got a few photoshoots coming up in December, 2 events and a small handful of couple photoshoots, they are going to be oodles of fun I think!!
I am in the process of getting the graduation photographs to the students and faculty at the moment so they can order more before Christmas time. They all turned out so great!