Sunday, October 30, 2011

Graduation Photo & Graduation Photoshoot

--- Here's my grad photo that was never posted!

Speaking of grad photo, I recently shot a graduation for Nipissing University it was a very fun and interesting day. There were a few hitches, one of the big ones being that there was another "photographer" there who decided he could use my set. This would have been okay had he asked me permission, and had he not walked right in front of my camera during the middle of a photoshoot and wave some of the students onto set. It was very unprofessional and I was caught off guard. Luckily his pop up flash kept triggering my lights off and his exposure was way off. But, while Maegan & I were photographing the ceremony/after party he brought a student out who was posting laying down in a provocative pose and made some rather rude comments to Maegan when she asked him to stop. Personal esson learned: Be more assertive. I should have taken control of the scenario from the get go and told him that if he wants to touch my equipment, and use my gear that it would cost him a rental fee.

That aside I had a phenomenal time and I enjoyed the afternoon shooting the Graduation and I hope to continue this relationship with Nipissing University.

Currently, I am heading into week 9 of school taking Small and Medium Business Enterprise Management. I am loving it! It is such a wonderful program and I am feeling more and more confident each week about how my life plan is unfolding.