Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bang. Headshot. Success.

Recently, I took graduation headshot photographs for my cousin Thomas. My aunt wanted some nice photos of him as she was unhappy with the ones from school. I tried a few new ideas for this shoot, I wanted a different perspective instead of the straight on headshot of him, they turned out nicely and my family is excited to all get copies. My other younger cousin Samantha is a phenomenal dancer and we took a few photographs of her in one of her ballet costumes on pointe. The small space I have for my studio was a huge disadvantage for a full body shot as the short focal length made her legs look very short. Her and I had a laugh over the first few photos. We quickly moved things around and used our space much more effectively and got fabulous proportional photographs.

Here is Thomas' grad portrait and Samantha's dance portrait.

Here is the difference of the focal length I used
.... wide angle not so flattering for her long legs.

....D'awwww! look how happy they look together!! :)

"Let's all crowd onto the little backdrop" It took several takes.
not very successful, but at least we got a photograph together!

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