Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas reflections

I am really grateful for the phenomenal family that I have. I am blessed with a truly remarkable grandmother who does so much for her family all the time, I don't feel like we take enough opportunities to thank her enough. She works hard to make Christmas (and every occasion) one to bring everyone together. She has always selflessly put family first.

My grandfather & my grandmother made me the responsible woman I am today. Even though he is no longer with us, my grandfather still plays a big role in my life through photography. His photographs and drawings are my inspirations as are my memories of him. My family's encouragement and support throughout my journey in photography has also kept me inspired and passionate.

I am looking forward to spending time with my boyfriend's family tomorrow evening, they are wonderful as well and always have such kind and wonderful things to say about my career path.

To be surrounded by family is to be surrounded by love and acceptance. I couldn't dream of more loving or caring people than my family and my boyfriend's family. And for that I really truly am thankful for the wonderful people I am surrounded by.

<3 Merry Christmas <3

Monday, November 21, 2011

Time flies when you're having fun!

It's almost the end of November... wait, what?! Where has the semester gone?! It's that time of year; final projects, exams, tests, presentations, insanity, etc. For some reason, I am pretty relaxed about this. Usually, this time of year is supposed to entitle students to a riduculous amount of stress and anxiety, but not for this student! Surprisingly, I've kept on top of all my school work in this program (to any of my high school peers or Photography classmates, I know, this is a huge shock!) But seriously, I have been very motivated about business and I have kept on top of all my assignments and I'm going into the end of the semester feeling relaxed... I hope that my calm cool and collective perspective doesn't come around and bite me in the ass in a couple of weeks.

I volunteered at a retirement home over the weekend, it was a wonderful experience to give back to the community, I strongly recommend to anyone reading this: Get out and do some volunteer work in your community. I painted hallways at a retirement home with Y2G (Year To Give). My grandmother is volunteering for the city of Ottawa by cleaning up graffiti around the neighbourhood she lives in. So for anyone that says they can't volunteer, you can, my nana is 74, takes taekwondo and volunteers on a weekly basis.

On a Photography note: I've got a few photoshoots coming up in December, 2 events and a small handful of couple photoshoots, they are going to be oodles of fun I think!!
I am in the process of getting the graduation photographs to the students and faculty at the moment so they can order more before Christmas time. They all turned out so great!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Graduation Photo & Graduation Photoshoot

--- Here's my grad photo that was never posted!

Speaking of grad photo, I recently shot a graduation for Nipissing University it was a very fun and interesting day. There were a few hitches, one of the big ones being that there was another "photographer" there who decided he could use my set. This would have been okay had he asked me permission, and had he not walked right in front of my camera during the middle of a photoshoot and wave some of the students onto set. It was very unprofessional and I was caught off guard. Luckily his pop up flash kept triggering my lights off and his exposure was way off. But, while Maegan & I were photographing the ceremony/after party he brought a student out who was posting laying down in a provocative pose and made some rather rude comments to Maegan when she asked him to stop. Personal esson learned: Be more assertive. I should have taken control of the scenario from the get go and told him that if he wants to touch my equipment, and use my gear that it would cost him a rental fee.

That aside I had a phenomenal time and I enjoyed the afternoon shooting the Graduation and I hope to continue this relationship with Nipissing University.

Currently, I am heading into week 9 of school taking Small and Medium Business Enterprise Management. I am loving it! It is such a wonderful program and I am feeling more and more confident each week about how my life plan is unfolding.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bang. Headshot. Success.

Recently, I took graduation headshot photographs for my cousin Thomas. My aunt wanted some nice photos of him as she was unhappy with the ones from school. I tried a few new ideas for this shoot, I wanted a different perspective instead of the straight on headshot of him, they turned out nicely and my family is excited to all get copies. My other younger cousin Samantha is a phenomenal dancer and we took a few photographs of her in one of her ballet costumes on pointe. The small space I have for my studio was a huge disadvantage for a full body shot as the short focal length made her legs look very short. Her and I had a laugh over the first few photos. We quickly moved things around and used our space much more effectively and got fabulous proportional photographs.

Here is Thomas' grad portrait and Samantha's dance portrait.

Here is the difference of the focal length I used
.... wide angle not so flattering for her long legs.

....D'awwww! look how happy they look together!! :)

"Let's all crowd onto the little backdrop" It took several takes.
not very successful, but at least we got a photograph together!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

School Spirit

I recently had the opportunity to be the Photographer for Algonquin College's Residence Orientation. Let me say that I'm very impressed by the amount of school spirit that the students showed. I don't even think I have a favorite photograph from that day, I love them ALL!! I've included a few that have jumped out at me during my edits. I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as I enjoyed photographing!! :D

Thank you Algonquin Residence Students for such a fun opportunity! Looking forward to seeing you all around campus!! :D

Residence dance!! MacIntyre Wiggle
-youtube video filmed by Jeremy McQuigge

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New chapter

So every bird must spread their wings and leave the nest to go start their own nest, eventually every child must leave home and find their own home in the world. This is a new chapter of my life, leaving home. I'm excited, nervous, happy, sad..... a whole range of emotions. I don't know if I'm 100% happy with moving out as I'm sad to leave the comforts of my home with my nana. But at the same time I know that it's the beginning of my new chapter. I'm going back to school in the September to take Small and Medium Business Enterprise to help further my ability to start up a photography business.

I should probably start setting up my set for the business portraits for 2 clients! Super excited! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


So it's been a pretty eventful week in my world!

Photographed at the Do it for Dad run that my taekwondo team participated in, shopped like crazy for a grad dress, graduated from Photography at Algonquin, & photographed a prom.

The run on Father's day was so much fun the weather was perfect and there was so much happiness there. The turn out this year was great!!
I thought it was so cute that they ran holding eachother's hand.

I took photographs at the prom for Franco-Ouest on Wednesday, it was a lot of work to prepare for, but it was so much fun to shoot. The students were great to work with and were very respectful towards Maegan & I. I hope to take on more prom photography jobs next year & I am looking forward to continuing to do bulk shoots! Thank you to all the graduates at the prom & their guests!! Wish you all the best!!
this is my favorite shot from the photoshoot
after the photo they asked "we tried to do sexy faces, did it work?"

Grad night was Tuesday, it was a chaotic day, I did some last minute grad dress shopping to scramble to find a dress that would look good with my cast...

result: nothing looks good with my cast.

I've came to the end of my journey in the Photography program at Algonquin College.... probably not the end of my journey in the Photography department, sorry Michel, you'll probably see me here & there for random visits! I'm planning on attending Algonquin again for Business, still very unsure what course I want to take.

I'll miss my fellow photogs very much, they were such an inspiration, motivation and amazing friends. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to have spent the past 2 years with, and I wish everyone the best in their journeys. I'm sure we are bound to cross paths here & there. I'll miss everyone so much!

Tab, me, Sky
What would I have done without you two?! <3
scrunchie nose. lol wouldn't be complete if Jay didn't pull out a camera and start filming. Weeee!

Saturday, April 30, 2011


It dawned on me that I may never truly leave Algonquin College.......
I love volunteering at events!!
I've helped out the wonderful people up on the 5th floor in Academic Development & got a job out of it!

- In high school I did co-op in the first class bookstore & in the equipment room.

- I've helped out at orientations, luncheons, and many campus events.

- I'm Elaine Godin's granddaughter & Brenda Gaitens' niece.... this pretty much guarantees Algonquin is stuck with me... even after I retire.

- I've been involved with the campus since I was 6 & my grandmother would have me sit in her office and play on the computers.

- The people there are amazing, I have developed a great connection with numerous staff and students there, it's my networking core & I'll probably never give it up.

Truth be told, it's been an amazing place for me to develop my skills, meet clients, get jobs, and make friends. I'm grateful for having the opportunity to be involved with Algonquin College from such a young age and for meeting all the people there that have supported me in my career path. I am looking forward to embarking on the next step towards my career and take a business course in the Fall of 2011.

......if Michel were to read this he would probably sign his retirement papers immediately!!

I'm almost at the emerald city

Shot with the bowens kit with
the assistance of the wonderful
Skylar Tatiana Majovsky.

Monday will mark one of my final steps in my journey at Algonquin College in Photography, it's been a crazy and wonderful 2 years. I have met some remarkable photographers in this program, they have made a huge impact on my life in many ways. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to have met such a great group of people and to have been able to spend my time developing my skills with them and learning from them. Looking forward to seeing everyone and their amazing work on Monday!!!!

& Thank you to all my profs, peers, and family for putting up with my insanity.

Exhibition Details.....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trial and error with lots of laughing at myself

..... Architecture.... *insert long pause with awkward looking face*

oh Architecture.... goes back to editing & laughing.
So bad.
Happy St. Patrick's day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


the lovely Ana Gorcea modeled for me today!! here's one of the shots...


Creative ad CHECK.

Creative ad, you are done!

note: Lyndon pointed out that I spelt arrive incorrectly... I'll update that shortly.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10 days left. Busy, busy busy!!!

Today was a busy day. Architecture detail with Taryn, Architecture Interior at Maegan's house, Creative ad with the help of Matt & Tabitha, aaaand Consumer with Matt.

Minus my Architecture interior here are today's shoots, unedited. :)

edit: threw out the car keys, thankfully Danielle Myers saved me the morning after the shoot and dug them out of the recycling!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Clearly, I shall never be a videographer...

Today I shot and started my edits for my promotional piece for my multi media video assignment... I've decided that the one thing that I will never be in life is a videographer. I am happy with Photography. I'd blame it on the face that I am a Nikon shooter shooting with a Canon... but even if I had shot with a Nikon, having the advantage of being in my element still would have resulted in an awkward looking final product. I will however end this on a positive note and say that I did have fun playing around with the lighting, rigs and lenses. :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crime scene line....

I'm currently working on my 2 open photoshoots. I'm hoping to have 6 portfolio edits done by the end of this week! :D
I've got 4 shoots left to do, today is my MADD creative ad. :) I'm excited!! Where has time gone?! graduation is almost here.... I have 16 days until portfolio is due!!

anyways, here is a sneak peak at my 2 open shoots.....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Street lights and thoughts tend to keep me awake...

Can't sleep.
I'm in a really fabulous mood, my final semester is coming together and I feel confident and really good about where I'm standing right now. I have all of my photoshoots planned out for my final semester, I have my multimedia video assignment planned out, my website us done, I have my co-op interview on Monday!!! I feel like right now I'm in such a positive and good place. *dances* I should probably get some sleep seeing as I promised Skylar I would help her with her website before class..... In less than 3 hours... Goodnight... Although it is more like good morning....

I'll be making more photography posts that show my work this month. :D feedback and comments are greatly appreciated!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Website!

Any feedback/suggestions/comments?

Also, follow me on twitter...!/AmyGodinPhotog


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hot best friends make amazing models

This gorgeous girl, Jessica Skeggs, modeled for me for my environmental photoshoot. With the help if Catherine Albert doing the make-up and Maegan Lynch as my lighting assistant my shoot was a success. Here is a quick edit.....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Magazine Cover

I've been trying to find a magazine that will work with my theme but isn't so cliché as to be "x celebrity is in jail" ... So I found an upcoming magazine called Canadian Corrections that is being published in March. (lucky me!) I'm going to be recreating the cover that they have posted on their website which I will admit is pretty simple, but I've decided that a simple but catchy cover paired with a flashy creative ad in my portfolio will be a perfect combo and they will compliment one another (at least the nice idea in my mind looks fabulous.... hopefully I get it to translate to my portfolio)

Photoshoot tomorrow evening, tonight is photoshoot prep night. :)
Time to make prison cell bars!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Matt Damon

My boyfriend Matt Damon Boyd modeled for my movie poster photoshoot.
I creepered on the face analizer program that tells you your celebrity look alike, turns out Matt Boyd is a 44% look-alike match to Matt Damon, score. It worked out very nicely for the Bourne Supremacy photoshoot I did. *[note: Matt if you're reading this I used your photograph on a celebrity look-alike site.]

Edits are still in progress at the moment, but the final product shall be posted as soon as I'm happy with it. :)

here's a sneak peak.....

No models?! No problem!!

I decided this evening that I really wanted to shoot a portrait... but I didn't have a model. So, it turned into a self portrait photoshoot. It didn't quite have the look I was going for, ideally my set-up would have included another SB900 with a softbox as the main with another flash mounted on the on camera for fill..... but flash mounted to my camera and walls to bounce light is what I had to go with. In the end I did a quick little edit, nothing big, played with colours a bit to kind of match the photo I was basing it off of that had a vintage vibe. If I were to reshoot, I would definitely put more effort into the lighting and hairstyling. All-in-all it was a fun photoshoot in the spur of the moment.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Movie poster Photoshoot!

I'm looking forward to shooting my movie poster this evening. I've done the background now all I need to do is the shoot and then edit the subject and I'm good to go. Theoretically.
I will most likely still tweak with the background a bit. But I'm kind of happy with how it turned out for the most part. :) Time to go gather up props and gear!