Sunday, September 19, 2010


I have a theme for my portfolio. maybe? it's still a work in progress, so I'll keep it on the down low until I've made up my mind. But an idea that has at least 12 little portfolio doodles with notes scribbled here and there around the little mess of drawings. Guarantee that if it weren't for my lovely scribbles of notes I would probably just stare at the doodles and think "what was I trying to tell myself in this box?"

Currently my house is a semi-chaotic hurricane. No, wait that's a lie, it's like a tropical storm at the moment. Big renovations are happening soon at my house. My bathroom is going to get gutted and completely redone, the guest bathroom is going to get fixed up, kitchen is going to be re-done , new flooring, fixing the walls the list goes on and on and on. The roof just got re-done, and the ceiling in the dinning room got re-done as well because the roof was leaking. Sadly my room doesn't get fixed up til next year, but it's all good. I have to move out for a month, & I'm staying with extended family, I'm looking forward to that, plus it will allow me to get to talk with the guy who is my Paris photographer connection for co-op. Still keeping Cloutier's advice about taking the opportunity, now it comes down to being uber organized & making sure I'm on top of things.

Summary: super excited for both starting my portfolio and for house renovations to be done! :D

3 I am missing Miami Beach with Ana Gorcea very very much. Ocean Drive how I grew fond of your vintage-ness.

<---- this is Ana :)

3 Oh polarizer how I loved photographing with you.
Photograph by Ana Gorcea

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