Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear Macbook Pro Charger...

So Apple hates me. My charger has decided that it doesn't want to play nicely with my computer most of the time. I'm lucky if it works after attacking it for a little bit. As a result of the defective charger my battery holds a charge for 45 minutes... Sadly, that's with just a few things running. (ie: safari with 2 or 3 tabs & msn) it's even more pathetic when I have photoshop running or World of Warcraft running.

I just bought my extended apple care, so potentially anything disastrous can be fixed. Plus I'm purchasing a portable external hard drive to be friends with my external hard drive that is chilling on my desk. They will be the very best of friends sharing tones of school notes, and pictures... it will be a lovely relationship!

I recently bought a polarizer for my trip to Miami Beach. I'm pretty much in love with my polarizer now, I adore it!! One thing that I should have thought about ahead of time was fog in my lens... on the mast morning I got up early with Ana to photograph the sunrise over the ocean. Cute idea in theory... disaster in practice....The hotel was kept uber cold and going out into the muggy florida heat resulted in my lens fogging up big time. Lesson, either leave the camera next to an open window for a while before I go out, or give myself 30 minutes before the anticipated time of photographing and have the lens in the temperature I'll be photographing in. Luckily this was a lesson that I shall remember for next summer in Brazil for Matt & Tamara's wedding. :D