Monday, July 5, 2010


I got a job at Henrys! Totally intimidated by the fact that my co-workers are brilliant and can spout of 2385729834829 things about any camera you point at at a drop of a dime. I was like oh shit! But I'm liking it so far. Day 1 of training didn't frighten me I'm back tomorrow.
I'm super excited for warped tour on saturday!! Disposable cameras& great music!
Then going to Sauble Beach for 5 days is going to be oodles of fun! I just need to get an extra battery for my camera :)
I'm going to California with Ana at the end of July. Her & I are going to have so much fun!
August is going to be work work work work work, which I am 100% okay with!
I've gotta get back to photographing more projects. I've kinda been slacking off.

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