Sunday, September 19, 2010


I have a theme for my portfolio. maybe? it's still a work in progress, so I'll keep it on the down low until I've made up my mind. But an idea that has at least 12 little portfolio doodles with notes scribbled here and there around the little mess of drawings. Guarantee that if it weren't for my lovely scribbles of notes I would probably just stare at the doodles and think "what was I trying to tell myself in this box?"

Currently my house is a semi-chaotic hurricane. No, wait that's a lie, it's like a tropical storm at the moment. Big renovations are happening soon at my house. My bathroom is going to get gutted and completely redone, the guest bathroom is going to get fixed up, kitchen is going to be re-done , new flooring, fixing the walls the list goes on and on and on. The roof just got re-done, and the ceiling in the dinning room got re-done as well because the roof was leaking. Sadly my room doesn't get fixed up til next year, but it's all good. I have to move out for a month, & I'm staying with extended family, I'm looking forward to that, plus it will allow me to get to talk with the guy who is my Paris photographer connection for co-op. Still keeping Cloutier's advice about taking the opportunity, now it comes down to being uber organized & making sure I'm on top of things.

Summary: super excited for both starting my portfolio and for house renovations to be done! :D

3 I am missing Miami Beach with Ana Gorcea very very much. Ocean Drive how I grew fond of your vintage-ness.

<---- this is Ana :)

3 Oh polarizer how I loved photographing with you.
Photograph by Ana Gorcea

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear Macbook Pro Charger...

So Apple hates me. My charger has decided that it doesn't want to play nicely with my computer most of the time. I'm lucky if it works after attacking it for a little bit. As a result of the defective charger my battery holds a charge for 45 minutes... Sadly, that's with just a few things running. (ie: safari with 2 or 3 tabs & msn) it's even more pathetic when I have photoshop running or World of Warcraft running.

I just bought my extended apple care, so potentially anything disastrous can be fixed. Plus I'm purchasing a portable external hard drive to be friends with my external hard drive that is chilling on my desk. They will be the very best of friends sharing tones of school notes, and pictures... it will be a lovely relationship!

I recently bought a polarizer for my trip to Miami Beach. I'm pretty much in love with my polarizer now, I adore it!! One thing that I should have thought about ahead of time was fog in my lens... on the mast morning I got up early with Ana to photograph the sunrise over the ocean. Cute idea in theory... disaster in practice....The hotel was kept uber cold and going out into the muggy florida heat resulted in my lens fogging up big time. Lesson, either leave the camera next to an open window for a while before I go out, or give myself 30 minutes before the anticipated time of photographing and have the lens in the temperature I'll be photographing in. Luckily this was a lesson that I shall remember for next summer in Brazil for Matt & Tamara's wedding. :D

Monday, July 5, 2010


I got a job at Henrys! Totally intimidated by the fact that my co-workers are brilliant and can spout of 2385729834829 things about any camera you point at at a drop of a dime. I was like oh shit! But I'm liking it so far. Day 1 of training didn't frighten me I'm back tomorrow.
I'm super excited for warped tour on saturday!! Disposable cameras& great music!
Then going to Sauble Beach for 5 days is going to be oodles of fun! I just need to get an extra battery for my camera :)
I'm going to California with Ana at the end of July. Her & I are going to have so much fun!
August is going to be work work work work work, which I am 100% okay with!
I've gotta get back to photographing more projects. I've kinda been slacking off.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Traveling photo adventure-ness. gogogogogo.

Update---- San Francisco with Ana :D Yay!!! :D June 25
WARRRRPED TOUURRRR. with disposable cameras!! (I love these almost as much as I love Matt. shhhhh please never tell him that.)

Sauble beach with Matt's family. :) camping camping camping. photos photos photos.


BRAZIL. May 2011.
for Matt & Tamara's wedding
(no not my bf Matt's wedding)
mmmmm sunshine.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Week 0

DONE FIRST YEAR!!! *dances* ... now that that's out of the way.... :D

So I'm not even done 1 week of school and I'm jumping right in.

-Yesterday I went and brushed up on some skateboarding photography to prep for the wedding tomorrow. (the groom is going to be skating a bit)
-Today is prep for the wedding. taking some photos at Legacy skatepark. and borrowing a lens& flash.
-Tomorrow is portraits for Samantha for her dance competition. & the wedding. (Yikes)
-Sunday is some sports photography. (Taekwondo belt testing)
-Tuesday is Band photography at Mavericks.

Well, I'm off to go get ready :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Portfolio has been handed in and I've submitted my digital PDF and the flattened and edited photos as well.
Happiness x36845096

So my to do list:
- Find a job
- clean my room
- get camera gear storage space
- photo projects
- summer clothes shopping (donate old clothes)
- find a co-op placement

:) <3 summer <3

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

t minus 1 day 2 hours til portfolio is due

So today I printed off my final print for my portfolio my self directed photo.

I then went to talk to my high school photography teacher about my co-op placement and the wedding that I'm photographing solo this summer.

His advice was some that I think I'm definitely going to follow.
He told me to do big things, take big risks now and worry about them later.

I'm definitely going to follow up with the contacts that I have for co-op. :)

I'm excited. :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Countdown to portfolio: 6 days 4 hours.

13 pages out of 22 pages are now in my portfolio.

I'm currently working on printing. I went and retrieved a guillotine cutter for my prints :D

back to portfolioing.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mac rant.

So I just shot my Environmental with a Sigma 70-200mm, 2 sb 900s, D90 & Sarah.
I'm very happy with it. Photoshop time soon.

So my macbook pro...... is hell.
It makes a rrrrrrr noise that more often then not changes to a RRRRRR noise.
Also I am getting ridiculous lag. I've been backing everything up on my 1TB external hard drive daily or at least every 2nd day.
So tomorrow I'm bringing my mac to get fixed. I want to push it down the stairs when it least expects it.

it overheats. frequently.
So 2 weeks ago i placed it in the freezer. I was told this was a bad idea. :P
So, needless to say I no longer do that.

17 days until Portfolio is Due!!

So today as I was leaving for taekwondo I walk outside to find a man chasing a puppy on my lawn. it was priceless.

on a more photography related note.

I'm currently preping for my environmental photoshoot with Sarah.
it's supposed to rain today. but the weather network frequently lies to me.

Plastic bags, ziplock bags & tape= epic waterproofer for my camera gear. Plus I could so make a soft box out of the white garbage bags.

Game plan:
Photoshoot prep
Environmental Photoshoot
Kick computer [after I back everything up obviously.]

Bonus for the day:
the windy-ness means I don't need a fan cause I wanted a few photos of Sarah's hair blowing in the wind.